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Purpose and Objectives
  • The Association aims to coordinate business activities of its members; to monitor their financial and economic performance; to represent and to advocate their proprietary interests.
  • The purpose of the Asociation is to further plans and projects initiated by the member wholesale and retail markets and to coordinate their activities focused on achieving social, charitable, cultural, educational, scientific and managerial tasks, as well as other public benefits.
  • The Association participates in launching target programs to develop the markets and to spread their advantages; provides a channel for regional communication and cooperation among interested parties; supports international cooperation to improve the functionality of the traditional markets.
  • The Association represents interests of its members before third parties, including physical and legal entities, governmental, municipal, administrative, judicial, law enforsement, taxing authorities and institutions. Experienced professional lawers and accountants are engaged to ensure guaranteed protection of the members of the Association against any unjustified claims.
  • The Association takes part in the process of formulating proposals to the legislative and executive authorities to amend laws and regulations related to market activities.
  • The Association provides support for organizing informal meetings, discussions, operating contacts and other means of networking for the members of the Association and scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, senior executives of ministries and agencies.
  • The Association does not pursue profit-making as its purpose, nor does it distribute profits.
  • The Association provides consultancy and technical help to its members, which shall meet the federal law requirement of exclusive use of capital buildings in their business activities in accordance with the applicable compliance dates.